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Bonjour à tous

I have been a French teacher for 10 years, I would like to share with you some of my experience:
In 2006 I started learning this beautiful language, I have had native and non-native teachers in Mexico and France and I have taken many courses to become a teacher; I have learned many songs, I have used apps, I have even tried to learn memory books !, I have spent many hours studying and reading, I have listened to the news in French, German, English and for a long time I have practiced with many friends who I have found along the way and I believe that the accompaniment of a professional is always important and the other good part is individual work, it is a 50/50 accompaniment.
After all those experiences I think that for learning your target language, EVERYTHING adds up.
On a professional level, I always use an approach in my classes based on the professional, academic or personal improvement goals of the students and in general, I always try to convey the love for learning languages.
Bonne continuation!