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Hallo Leute!
When I think about why I studied languages, several things come to mind:
My 7-year-old self with a little English phrase book that I had at home and my desktop computer that allowed me to know different words in different languages, and of course, German was never lacking in those searches. Over the years I had the opportunity to learn it and today to teach it.
Thanks to my teachers I was able to learn other types of tools that facilitate language learning such as platforms, games and even completing songs! (Rammstein saved me in several tests). I will do my best to teach you this beautiful language in the simplest way possible. As a student and as a teacher, it is important to mention that learning a language will pay off if both parties do their part.
Today there are many things we can do to practice it, so implement it in your daily life in the form of books, news, video games, and why not? Even in those imaginary dialogues that more than one of us are very good at.
Viel Spaß beim Deutsch Lernen!