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Konnichiwa Minna-san
こ ん に ち は み ん な さ ん!

My interest in the Japanese language started in 2010, at first it was a bit difficult but little by little I began to find motivation by learning it and my interest skyrocketed when I was able to put it into practice, that is when I managed to go on an exchange to your country originally. Part of my acquired knowledge was thanks to people with great native knowledge as well as certified teachers in the language, most of my cultural knowledge I learned independently and adapting to the environment within the country, that factor is very important to learn a lot from their culture and customs.
The discipline, customs, traditions and education helped me a lot to develop as a teacher, giving me a better vision and determination both in my school life and in my personal life. I have been able to put this great language into practice thanks to the people who welcomed me in a friendly way in Japan, friends that I made while in Mexico and Japan and older people who kindly gave me their time to teach me personally. As a teacher I like to give a cultural background so that they understand the language in a great way, motivating their love of it using playful strategies so that it better attracts the attention of my students. I try very hard to take the time to explain in a detailed way so that the language is understood in the best possible way and of course always having a specific objective in each class.
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よ ろ し く お ね が い し ま す 一 緒 に 日本語 を 学 び ま し ょ う!